Hall of Fame: Mary Otumahana, Producer/Musician

Mary Otumahana
Age: 26
Location: London, England
Wants to be: Music Producer

I have been managing The RecordShop since October 2015. The RecordShop is a free recording studio / skills development environment for young people interested in spending their free time in a creative way. We provide a wide range of activities and workshops, such as professional, free recording studio sessions (with your song being fully produced and mixed within a 2.5h session), analog / digital DJ and music production workshops, beat-box workshops and rap / spoken word workshops (writing and performance).

Participants may also take part in various performing opportunities in London such as video interviews, live radio shows, live freestyle cypher events, and finally The RecordShow. The RecordShow is a performing opportunity for all RecordBreakers (The Recordshop artists), organised at the end of each phase of the project.

As a young artist myself, I struggled to find nearby affordable studios to record in as well as space to set up my own equipment to record music, therefore The RecordShop was created through identifying the need for young artists to be given a platform to begin their musical careers.
somewhereto_Tottenham is the first place where I conducted a recording session for The RecordShop. Through somewhereto_ I was able to save the cost of renting a space and also had the opportunity to network with other young creatives that worked within the same building. Working alongside Josh and Rhiannon at somewhereto_Tottenham has been extremely beneficial, as building a good relationship with somewhereto_ has allowed me to conduct weekly sessions, plan events, promote The RecordShop and gain further support.





  • Project management
  • Youth work
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Communication
  • Songwriting
  • Performance
  • Filmmaking
  • Sound recording & mixing

Mary is a talented musician, and goes the extra mile to support young talent from across London. She understands the benefits that somewhereto_ can bring to The Record Shop, as well as the value that she and her team can bring to the somewhereto_ network. It has been a pleasure to see the way that Mary has developed the relationship with somewhereto_ and we look forward to continuing to support The Record Shop ongoing.