Hall of Fame: Abbie Wood, Dancer & Teacher

Abbie Wood
Age: 22
Location: North Ayrshire / Glasgow Scotland
Wants to be: Dancer, Dance Instructor
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The aims of my pilot project are to experiment and grow artistically as an individual whilst working in a professional environment and amongst professional individuals. The main ambition of this venture is to offer a bridge for recently graduated dance artists to develop into experienced individuals working within dance. The project aims to provide opportunities for emerging choreographic talent to further their skills. Not only is my personal aspiration being explored and developed, The_Grit project will accomplish its main ambition to support emerging artistic talent within Scotland.

somewhereto_ have supported me with a venue for the rehearsal. Using the Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow was a wonderful opportunity to pilot The_Grit project. Holding performances at this venue enabled the project to hold an intimate sharing of work, giving people a chance to grasp the project ambitions; furthering the understanding of each choreographic piece and talent.


Business name & website

The Grit

http://thegritdc.wix.com/thegdc  (project)

http://abbiewood93.wix.com/ajviolet (personal)


  • Management
  • Professional BA degree in Modern Ballet- from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, affiliated the Scottish ballet 2013
  • Contemporary dance
  • Neo classical contemporary dance
  • Ballet and contemporary teacher to all ages
  • Choreographer
  • Communication skills
  • Yoga teacher- training complete in February 2016
  • Reflexology- in training
  • Indian head massage- in training


Abbie is a driven young person who shows talent both in her personal practise as a dancer, and also in her ability to set up and organise her own company- Grit Dance Co. In order to achieve this she has worked with numerous stakeholders, securing funding, hiring tutors and creating a brand. somewhereto_ has been able to help her by securing free space for both rehearsals and performances at Kinning Park Complex.