Hall of Fame: Hayley Louise Crann, Surface Pattern Designer

Hayley Louise Crann
Age: 24
Location: Wakefield
Wants to be: Surface pattern designer

I am a surface pattern designer from Leeds with a passion for creating intricate hand drawings and designs. Focusing on different textures and details to create life like sketches I base my work around wildlife and its surrounding environment, trying to capture the essence and personality of each individual creature. Having always had a love of nature it is the main inspiration behind the works I create. Sketching all of the different aspects separately to then create a composition with them using Photoshop. I also work on a commissions basis for more personal designs.



Title, job or industry they’re looking to get into or business goal

Freelance artist and designer


  • Photoshop
  • Drawing
  • Pattern design
  • Printmaking


Hayley is a very talented artist and designer who has worked with us on a multitude of projects and events in 2015 including somewhereto_ With Love, somewhereto_ Framed and FESTIV_ALT: Wakefield where she exhibited and sold her work.