Hall of Fame: Steffan Woodruff, Musician/Producer

Steffan Woodruff
Age: 23
Location: Cardiff
Wants to be: Producer/ Musician/ Sound Engineer

I run Roughwood Records, which is an online service that mixes and masters tracks for artists and producers. I set up Roughwood Records a year or two ago when I was at University. I didn’t feel like I was able to make enough music or do enough producing whilst studying; I was also in a band at the time and didn’t have much opportunity to get my music out there at a professional level. This is how Roughwood Records was born. I wanted to help people record and polish up their music.

I also work as a sound engineer for Sweet Spot Studios in Cardiff. Which gives a great opportunity to musicians to record for a very reasonable price, and also helps me progress with my skills as a producer and engineer and keeps to the mindset I had behind creating Roughwood Records.

I was approached by somewhereto_ to produce a compilation CD called ‘Grains of Sound’, which was full of local bands and artists from Aberystwyth. The end result was to give the CD away for free or donate what you felt was fair. The project got picked up by loads of local media, including newspapers, radio and magazines. It also helped the local artists have something to show for all their hard work and a few of the artists got played on national radio from it. I felt it was a great way of giving something back to a scene I was heavily influenced and involved in.

I was also featured on the CD as an artist, performing with my friend as our electronic duo, Roughion. Through producing a product, budgeting, project management and generally initiating and running the project I have developed a strong portfolio of skills.


  • Producing
  • Project management
  • Music
  • Sound engineering
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Posistive attitude


Steffan is a driven guy who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a can do attitude. He takes on extra responsibilities and pressures and deals with them easily. He has great management skills and watched over the production of ‘Grains of Sound’ CD, which was produced to a very high standard. I would recommend his abilities.