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Home Renovation Contractor: Keeping an Eye on Your Contractor

You did it! You saved up enough money to transform your ho-hum kitchen into the culinary workspace of your dreams!

Home renovations aren’t cheap, so this is a big investment. Recent surveys show that American home renovations average around $47,000!

Once you decide on a contractor to help you design your new kitchen, how will you know that the contractor isn’t wasting time? Can you prevent your contractor from jacking up the bill without getting in the way of the renovations?

Keep reading to learn some helpful tips to help you know what to look out for with your home renovation contractor.

Establish Open Lines of Communication With Your Home Renovation Contractor

Make sure the contractor allows open communication during the whole renovation process. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make during renovations is allowing miscommunications.

One way to encourage communication is by going to speak to the foreman while they’re working from time to time. If you make yourself available to answer questions, the team will tend to loop you in more often.

If you feel like you aren’t communicating well with your contractor, don’t be afraid to speak up. Let the contractor know how often you expect to hear from them so there’s no confusion.

Work Out All the Details in Writing

One thing that can ballon your renovation costs is leaving little details for the contractor to decide later. The contractor may add a line for “additions” in the budget for unexpected items during the course of the project. But, there’s no guarantee that all the little things you left for later won’t add up to more than that “addition” allowance.

Make Sure the Contractor Isn’t Cutting Corners

Yes, you want the contractor to complete the renovations with as little money as possible, but you shouldn’t rush some aspects of home renovations. If your contractor cuts too many corners (or if they overcharge you for higher quality materials than they used in the actual renovation) you’ll end up forking over way too much money for a sub-par job.

For instance, if you’re adding a room onto your home, you’ll want a sturdy foundation. But, before the contractor starts laying down the frame for the foundation, they should do soil tests with equipment from companies like certified mtp to make sure the earth in that spot can even support the weight of the building and foundation. If not, your new room could crumble!

Making Your Home a Reflection of You From the Inside Out

Home renovations can seem stressful, even if you hire the best contractor in the area. But, with the help of your home renovation contractor, you’ll feel more in love with your home than ever before!

Keep these contractor tips in mind during your home renovation journey and you’re sure to reap the benefits for years to come.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned a few things to watch out for when working with a general contractor. If you’re looking for more home advice or DIY articles, check out the rest of our house-related blogs today!