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How a HOA Near Me Inspired Me To Kickstart My Very Own

When I first moved into this property, just over 5 years ago now, I was very keen on joining a homeowners association. I had heard great things about a HOA near me, but I was really disappointed to learn that my property was too far away for me to join it and get involved. I asked a few of my new neighbors about it and they all said that they were keen, apparently the person who I’d bought the property from was not interested, so they were pretty happy that I was suggesting it.

I decided to set up my own, and much of that was inspired by the HOA which I had first tried to join. I asked a couple of the members of that HOA to care some tips on how to get set up, and we have just gone past our 3rd anniversary of having a homeowners association in my street. This is what I was inspired by and why I decided to set it up.


One of the most important reasons for joining or setting up a homeowners association is just how secure you can make your street or your neighborhood. Because there is an increased feeling of community here, there is much more likelihood that your neighbors are going to keep an eye out for their fellow neighbors. This is something which we have certainly felt here over the last 3 years.

Shared Projects

At one of the first meetings which we had, almost everyone mentioned about turning a certain patch of grass in the middle of the street, into a playground for the kids. Despite the fact that everyone had thought of this on their own, they had never discussed it together. That night we got an agreement from all in the street, the money was divided between everyone and we currently have a great place for the kids to play.

Nicer Place

Having a well run HOA makes your home a much nicer place to live. Not only do you get to know your neighbors better, which helps to create a safe environment around the property, there is also the nicer look of the street. A homeowners association helps you to tackle issues quickly and the result of that is a cleaner and better kept environment which also means that you live in nicer surroundings.


Another compelling reason to get started or to join a HOA is that it can contribute towards the value of your property. We have seen so much evidence of this and the truth is that people want a property which is well kept and in a great neighborhood, and they are more likely to want your place if there is a HOA surrounding it. This makes joining or setting up a homeowners association an absolute no-brainer.

These were my main reasons for setting this up, and they were also reasons why my neighbors were so keen to join up.