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How do top influencers get the look? – or, “avoid the filter fail!”

We all have examples that we look up to or people that we would love to be like. As the world moves on so do trends and just what celebrity means changes too. We have had the eras of sporting heroes and cinema icons. Nowadays we are much more likely to be looking at social media influencers for trends. These are people who have achieved the fame but are much easier to interact with and follow, people whose daily interests match much closer to our own.

Let us be honest here, part of the attraction of the very top influencers is the way they look. As human beings we are conditioned to like attractive people, it is part of our nature.

We asked Jenny Howson of Beauty Skin Clinic if she could give us some tips as to how they achieve these consistent good looks.

“The thing about Instagram and YouTube influencers is they have to be at the top of their game all the time. Their fans want fresh content daily. Some of them try to fake it and fudge their images which can go horribly wrong for them.”

Jenny is so right about that! You only have to do a Google search for “influencer filter fail” to remind yourself of some of the stories we have all seen. The people who turned out to be not quite what their followers expected when something went wrong, or they met in real life.

Many people have the wrong impression that the only way these vloggers and others have got their fresh looks is through investing in expensive, traumatic, and time-consuming surgery. This is far from the truth as it does not have to be that way at all.

There are many non-surgical procedures that can be carried out in as quick as half an hour! Effectively in your lunch break you can get yourself an eye lift or even a nose job.

Although this sounds far fetched to begin with there are many top models who use these treatments on a regular basis. One of the most common in the modelling world involves a combination of Botox to keep the muscles smooth while tightening up the pores and hyaluronic acid to help elastin and collagen which plump and smooth the skin.

Rather than permanent, difficult to change or undo surgical changes many influencers are opting to go the route of receiving Botox or fillers or, indeed, both. Using these they can smooth out and reshape a nose profile swiftly, be in front of the camera again the same day and have the added advantage of being able to choose a slightly different profile a few months down the line.

The most knowledgeable influencers have cottoned on to the fact that the filter is not your friend. The best way to engage and hold people’s attention is to keep it real. With modern cosmetic treatments it is much easier for them to have the confidence of knowing that what you see is what you get. No matter when or where they need to present a good face it is the one they have on all the time thanks to non-surgical cosmetic treatments.