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How Much Does a Chin Augmentation Cost?

If you’re asking how much does a chin augmentation cost the you’re probably already considering one, so here’s all that you need to know about chin augmentation including how much it costs, what is involved, how the procedure is carried out, will it be painful and what is the recovery time.

Chin Augmentation Cost

The cost of having chin augmentation will vary depending on the type and extent of your chin augmentation, the reputation and quality of clinic you use to carry out your chin augmentation, and which state you live in.  The cost will likely vary from around $2,500 to $5,000.  The cost is based on the amount of time the surgery will take.  Obviously the longer it takes, the more people are in the room including your surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Nurses and the cost of the surgical room, and materials.

How is a Chin Implant Inserted and Attached?

There are two main ways to insert a chin implant, the first and foremost is through an external incision under the chin.  The other, and much less preferred by most surgeons due to its risks is an inter-oral incision.  For under chin incisions the incision is usually around 1.5cm in length in an inverted v-shape.  It will fade over time and will be in a place hardly ever seen by anyone.  The reason inter-oral incisions are avoided is because surgery within the mouth has a much higher chance of infection due to bacteria in the mouth, implants inserted from above are likely to migrate upward, and it is possible to damage facial nerves which control your smile.

When the surgery is implanted from under the chin it is placed under the lining of the bone periosteum on the chin, which is a dense layer of tissue which is tightly adhered to the bone.  The implant is placed under the periosteum and secured with dissolving stitches which allow the periosteum to shrink wrap the implant tightly to the chin bone before dissolving.  Within just a few weeks the chin implant will be tightly secured in place and very hard to be dislodged again.

Choosing Your Chin Implant

Prior to chin augmentation it is important to spent time with your consultant to discuss your goals and develop visual images, generated with computer software to show the end result.  This way you can visualize what your chin will look like after surgery and agree with the surgeon on the end result.  The image is taken to the operating room and consulted by the surgeon throughout the operation to ensure that your chin matches the image as well as possible.  The silicone implants can be shaved, cut and shaped to match your exact requirements.  And if you’re not totally happy with the end results, chin implants can actually be removed to be replaced or re-sized at a later date if necessary.

Although chin augmentation is a surgical procedure it should be relatively pain free with anesthesia and expect just a couple of weeks of swelling and bruising afterward.