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How Music Can Help Children with Disabilities

Something that very few realize is how much music helps children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other disorders. It has been scientifically proven that music assists with increasing attention spans and the ability to learn. It can strengthen weak areas of the brain and improve fine motor skills as well.

Different Hemispheres

The brain consists of two hemispheres, or sometimes referred to as sides. There is the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is responsible for controlling the left side of the body. It is also referred to as the artistic or creative side of the brain. The left hemisphere is then responsible for the right side of the body. It is said to be the academic and logical side of the brain.

Playing an instrument is one activity that uses both hemispheres of the brain. Both sides at once are being strengthened. The right side is controlling the music awareness, creativity, and intuition that goes along with learning an instrument. It also controls your left hand and foot that you might need to use for the certain instrument. The left side will be used for the writing of lyrics, the numbers of beats and the various math skills needed, and, of course, the right hand and foot if it is required for the instrument.

Creating Relationships

Music can bring the most unlikely people together and form a bond when there wouldn’t normally be one. This is the same for children. Kids with behaviour problems and difficulties may change their tune (pun intended) when taking music lessons or classes with others. Music keeps them actively involved and allows them to express themselves in a way that normal classroom work may not.

Special Needs

Kids with special needs can be the toughest ones to communicate with. Music is often a motivator for these students. They enjoy all that it brings and receive quite a bit from it. They are using their auditory system as they listen and play along. They are using their visuals as they track the instruments, the cues, and the musicians. Their kinesthetic skills are being improved by the activity of playing the instrument, clapping their hands, or stomping their feet. It truly is a multi-sensory experience. If you have a child that is struggling, why not take piano lessons in Montreal? It may just change their whole life around.