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How to Choose the Best Accessory Dwelling Unit Los Angeles County

Have you been considering the pros and cons of owning your own accessory dwelling (ADU) unit in Los Angeles? This is a popular trend among multi-family or single-family homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their property and offset the cost of their mortgage with a little rental income. Combine that with the fact that Los Angeles is notorious for have a very limited number of rental units available at any given time, and it can just make good financial sense. But how do you choose the best type or style of ADU?

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Here we’ll take a deeper dive into how to choose the best accessory dwelling unit Los Angeles so that you can make an informed decision and know that you’ve made a wise investment in your property.

The Different Types of ADUs

The first thing to familiarize yourself on is the different types of ADUs that you can consider. The main options are a junior ADU, which is exactly like a standard ADU but smaller (typically less than 500 square feet), an attached ADU, which means it is a unit that is joined to the property’s main structure or has been joined by construction, a garage conversion ADU, which transforms a garage into an ADU, or a detached ADU, which is a unit that is completely on its own but still resides on the property of the single-family resident unit.

Clearly there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh between each of these options such as:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of space on your property
  • How big of an ADU you want to create
  • How long the design and construction phases will take

Take a Look at Other Examples

Another tip as you try to figure out the best accessory dwelling solution for your needs is to take a look at existing options. You can take inspiration from these units and then apply it to your own plans. Pay close attention to the layout and design aspects of the various units, as you want to be sure you’re able to maximize the space in your unit.

How Will the ADU Be Used?

Obviously, much of the focus on these ADUs has to do with rental income, but that isn’t the only reason these units are built. It could be that you as the property owner just want to create more space. The space could then be used as an office for your business, it could be your own private home gym, and so forth. If that’s the case, rental income won’t come into play, but you will still need to figure out the best style of ADU for your needs.

Just a Few of the Things To Be Mindful Of

As you start the process of building your own ACU, it’s important you are clear on what your end result will be, what the purpose of your accessory dwelling unit is, and make sure you feel completely confident in your plans.