How To: Get into the Creative Industry

Looking for some direction and advice for your career? We recap some excellent advice from our panel of experts.

  1. Your degree won’t get you a job. You get yourself a job

    When it comes to a creative career, personal drive always wins. Keep knocking on doors! And if you can’t find a job that suits you then make one. Be proactive, discover through trial and error.

  2. Know your strengths

    and what you need help with- never be afraid to ask! It’s a meeting of imaginations so you need to make the most of the digital space in order to come together.

  3. Interact, network, keep in touch, volunteer as much as possible and attend events

    They build your personal & professional skills. It’s important to think about what you can both get and give from your network when you are building career.

  4. Think about who your audience is before you start reaching out

    It’s not all digital. Social media is at it’s most useful to show the personality behind the work. Use it to build a personal brand.

Overall our panel tells us that what they look for when recruiting is initiative, hard work, and being nice, someone they can have a laugh with! – it’s important that you find an organisation that fits with you!