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How To Get Rid Of Pests This Summer

As warm weather takes effect, flowers are blooming and leaves are growing again on trees. While this beautiful scene is taking place, pests begin to seek refuge inside homes in preparation for the hot summer months just ahead. While various pests will seek shelter in our homes, cockroaches are usually the first intruders that can ultimately be seen crawling in search of food. Cockroaches seem harmless, but they are terrible pests that can spread pathogens. Getting rid of them can be a hassle, especially if you intend to use over the counter products. This is because they are resilient since they can adapt even in harsh conditions.

Bedbugs are another destructive insect that make their presence known during this weather. Though never affected by the change in weather, it is during spring, summer, and autumn that they burrow out from fabrics and join in traveling. Bedbugs are known to thrive by feeding off blood from their hosts. Social gatherings and events are places where they move from one host to another. However, as much as most people would love to save a buck by buying pesticide from over the counter, these drugs have been found to pose no threat to these blood-sucking pests. It is, therefore, ideal to have a professional come to keep these bugs from invading your space.

Another insect that is present during the warm season is a spider. During this period, most males are mature and they tend to seek females for mating. This explains the high number of webs present in most corners. Though some spiders are harmless, some are not. They pose a problem for individuals with a phobia for the arachnid family. According to, Brown Widow spiders are actually far more dangerous than the often talked about Black Widows. They breed very quickly in and around our homes, laying multiple egg sacks that are small, tan, and covered in spikes.

Other pests that are present during this season include fleas and stink bugs. These pests are not directly involved in harming human beings; however, their actions can lead to massive trouble for human beings. For instance, cockroaches can’t harm individuals, but their skins are inhabited by various bacteria which can ultimately cause rashes or bring about an epidemic in your home. Fleas can attack our pets and make them miserable. Stink bugs are one of the worst insects if left unmanaged. These pests can be attributed to damaged crops, which lead to massive losses on farmers. It is, therefore, ideal to know how to manage these pests before they become a nuisance. Here are five things that you need to do if you wish to prevent an invasion.

Seal up any cracks

The first step to managing pest infestation is by sealing all entry points. This includes patching up cracked walls and sealing small spaces that insects can crawl in. Additionally, you should always inspect all items such as shoes before putting them on. This is meant to reduce any chance for an infestation.

Pay close attention to your trash

A normal household trash will include used disposable plates and leftover meals. This will attract various kinds of pests, which will ultimately cause an insect infestation. Sealing your waste and storing it outside can prevent this invasion.

Hire a pest control professional

In most instances, people discover ideas and tricks of how to minimize an insect outbreak. While the Internet can be a good source of information, it will always come second to a professional like JDM Pest Control who is trained on how to prevent such invasions. A professional is well aware of what products to use and where to seal. Additionally, his experience comes in handy when preventing these invasions.

Trim your bushes

In most instances, our surroundings determine whether we will experience an insect invasion. Having bushes around your home can increase chances for an infestation. Ultimately, it is prudent if you trim all bushes and shrubs that surround your home.

Thoroughly clean your kitchen

While insects are always on the lookout for a place to shelter, food is their primary target. With our kitchen being our meal storage, food droppings are always inevitable. When left for longer periods, several biochemical reactions take place due to increased bacterial presence. Though unsafe for human beings, insects are more likely to get attracted to the foul smell. This leads to an insect invasion. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and get rid of any food droppings.

If you follow the advice above, you should see a reduction in the pest population in your home. Then you can get back to enjoying the warm weather season.