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How to Improve the Air Quality Inside Your House

Low air quality is linked to a lot of respiratory diseases, and it can change the mood of those who are living inside. It is important to improve the quality of air inside the house, and there are ways on how to do it easily. Before you get started, contact One Hour Heating and Air. They offer indoor air quality inspections and air duct cleaning services and this might just get your home’s air quality where you need it.

  1. Ventilate – a closed home has a higher chance of developing bad air quality, and it is important to install windows that will regulate the flow of air inside. A closed home with limited spaces is more prone to bad air quality. If you are living in less polluted areas, it is recommended to open the windows to allow the wind to come in and change the flow of air inside your home. Fresh air brings in a lot of oxygen, and homes situated in areas that are far from cities would have a higher air quality. For those who are living in the city, opening windows during the rush hour is not a good idea as toxic air might come inside your home. You have to wait until the vehicles start to disappear into the streets, usually around early dawn. Another option to improve the quality inside the house if you are living in a crowded city is to use a device that would filter the air and remove all of the impurities. Install these devices inside the kitchen as it is the areas where the air quality can quickly change. If you have pets, you should do a little research on how to get rid of cat dander so that your space is always clean and doesn’t pose a risk to people suffering from asthma or allergies.
  2. Clean your air conditioners regularly. Air conditioners are created to lower down the temperature inside a building and to keep the air quality clean. A dirty air conditioning system can blast dust and other elements into the air, irritating everyone who will be inhaling it. Dust mites, a type of small insect living in dust, can reproduce quickly, especially if they are thrown in beds and other areas inside your home. If you have pets at home, their fur can also contribute to a bad air quality which can irritate others. Make sure that their fur is being cleaned regularly and vacuum all remnants on the floor. Clean your pets regularly to prevent allergens from being carried out by the air.
  3. Use beeswax candles when trying to purify the air inside your home. Beeswax has been proven to improve the air quality inside a building thanks to their organic composition. Beeswax is also affordable, and there are readily made beeswax candles sold in physical stores, or through online retailers. Beeswax candles also come in scented form, providing a different level of fragrance to those who wanted their homes to smell good. Putting the scented beeswax candles inside the bedroom and the living room is a great idea since these are the places inside the house where we are trying to rest. Usually, the candles last for one hour. People who are diagnosed with asthma would have a hard time dealing with candles inside their homes, and it is recommended that they use a salt lamp instead. Salt lamps provide the same effect with beeswax candles – they are used to improve the air quality and are effective. This is due to the negative ions that are emitted by these lamps when they are lit.
  4. Activated charcoal can also be used to improve the air quality inside the house. This material can be placed anywhere inside the house to lower down the level of impurities that make the air quality bad. You can buy activated charcoal on specialty shops, or you can also ship one to your address by using an online retail portal.
  5. Houseplants are a great alternative in improving your home’s air quality. Based on news reports, countries that have a better air quality index care a lot about the environment, and they are doing their best to plant more trees. As we all know, plants emit oxygen, and it lowers the amount of impurities inside a building. There are many types of houseplants and you need to consult an expert to determine which one should be placed inside your home. You can also ask interior designers about their opinion when it comes to adorning your home with plants and other similar ornaments.

Once you follow these steps, expect the air quality inside your home to drastically improve.