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How to Include All Your Loved Ones in the Wedding

Having little and intimate wedding is perfect for including all your loved ones at the wedding. Connecting will them will create perfect memories, that all of you will fondly talk about for years. If you were wondering how to include your guests in the wedding, think no more. We have gathered some of the best, creative, and quite interesting ideas you should check out.

Have Flower Girls

Whether you want to include all children a la Kate Moss and Meghan and Prince Harry, or you want only one flower girl, that is a great way to include kids in your wedding ceremony. Although flower girl dresses with perfect fit are not so easy to find, you should search for lovely ones online and match them with the rest of your bridesmaids.  White and ivory flower girl dresses are all-match!

Guest Contributions in Writing Parts of Ceremony

Writing your own ceremony will make it even more personal. However, you can have your guest contribute and send their suggestions, ideas, and writings to your address, before the wedding day. You can include them completely, or let keep the final result as a surprise for all your wedding guests.

Guests as Musicians

There is no better way to get into joyful mood than with music, right? If you agree, then let your loved ones lead the musical procession. Give them instruments, and let someone with talent be at the beginning of the procession. Who after-all is better at singing all the friendship songs here,
word for word with their lovely voices. Get ready for some cheerful noise!

Recite Wedding Vows all Together

If you are having a small wedding, you can gather your guest around in a circle and recite wedding vows all together. It’s kind of support you will get from your friends and family – let them recite vows with you or let them answer on questions like Do all of you promise to support this couple, offering your love, encouragement, guidance, and compassion?”, to which they will reply “We do”.

Assign Roles to Your Guests

If you are having a really small and private wedding, then assigning roles to your guest would be a nice and very practical thing to do. From reading vows to performing a song and hostess jobs, your guests will be more than happy to participate in your wedding ceremony.

Include Guests in the Unity Candle Ceremony

The process of candle unity is for the bride and groom to light each other’s candles. However, if you want to make it even more personal include all your guest into this process. Each guest should light their own candles from the unity candle. This is a lovely way for the bride and groom to unite even more with their family and friends.

Surprise Your Guests

Not every detail of your wedding should be revealed to your guests. If you decided to include guests and let them create your wedding ceremony, then you should let them create an element of surprise as well. Let them be included in a surprise – whether it is a bride’s favorite song or unexpected guest reading, there is nothing better than beautiful surprise full of emotions.