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How to Make the Most of Your Local Eye Specialist

Human nature tells us that we’re not the person who is going to need glasses, we’re the person who isn’t going to develop eye diseases as we get older, but the truth is that the large majority of people have to wear glasses as they get older, and that if your family has a history of eye disease then you are susceptible too. That’s why it’s so important to book in to see an eye specialist at least once a year to check on your eye health, and if you already have glasses, to get your prescription checked.

What Services Are Available at an Eye Specialist?

You may think that your local Opticians is just good for giving you an eye test occasionally and then you head elsewhere for buying your glasses. But actually some larger fully inclusive eye specialist centers now provide a much wider service for eye care. They not only test your eyes to provide a prescription but can also screen for eye diseases and check your eye health in general.

Examinations for eye health will include glaucoma exams, cataract exams, macular degeneration exams, and retinal disease exams. An eyecare professional will be able to spot signs of these diseases early on in their development to hopefully prevent them from getting worse or will advise you to make an appointment at your local hospital to have the issue further checked out.  They will provide a thorough treatment and follow up plan where required to ensure that your eye health doesn’t degenerate any further, and that you are prevented from suffering with the problem in both eyes if one is still healthy.

Purchasing Your Eye Wear from Your Optician

Some opticians also now stock eye wear for you to provide you with plenty of options straight away as soon as you have your new prescription. Some of the larger ones will stock unbranded glasses for those on a budget plus an expansive range of branded eye wear including brands such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban and Versace. You will be spoilt for choice and come away feeling like that glasses are a fashion statement rather than just a medical device to help you see better!

Why Not Consider Contact Lenses?

Many eye specialists now not only supply glasses but also corrective lenses. If you are someone who doesn’t always like to wear glasses than it might be that having contact lenses could be a good option for you.  Lenses are also ideal for active people, particularly those who participate in contact sports or who run. Glasses can be very impractical during exercise as they steam up, fall off, get damaged, whereas corrective contact lenses, especially the daily disposable ones, can be worn discreetly and will be a bonus to your sporting activity rather than a hindrance.

SO, are you making the most of your local eye specialist? You can get your regular eye exams, have your eye health tested, and also buy eye wear and corrective lenses.