How To: Market Yourself Through a Pop-Up

Krisi Smith, co-founder of successful startup Bluebird Tea Co tells us how to market yourself through a pop-up.

‘Popping Up’ can be an excellent tool for promoting yourself and your business. Here are her top 3 things to focus on:

  1. Getting seen

    Popping Up gets you in front of people, hopefully on a mass scale. That should, in my opinion, be the end goal; that is where the big returns are to be found.

  2. Give it everything you’ve got

    Take this small square of useless space and fill it with what little you have – your passion, your idea and you. Immerse your customer completely in your brand, make a massive impact, hit everyone who walks through the door from all angles, give them everything you’ve got.

  3. Measure the success of getting your message across

    People need to know what you are offering.  Then measure how many sales or how much revenue you are generating.

Check out her awesome Tea Mixology company here!

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