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How to Select the Perfect Moving Company


When it comes to moving one thing is for certain – it can be a huge hassle and one of the biggest stresses of the year. How some people manage to move multiple times per year often baffles those who find it massively overwhelming just to move once a decade. It’s no surprise then that it can be hugely beneficial to hire a company to help you move, but with so many companies and options these days it can be difficult to narrow it down to the perfect one for you. So how exactly do you select the perfect moving company? Here are some tips that we hope will help you through your next move.

Get An Estimate

When choosing a moving company to help move you to your new home, you will likely need to get an estimate on the costs associated with doing so. Any reputable company will do a full walk through with you and will note down the items that you point out that you’re intending to bring with you. Through making notes like these, the company can give you an adequate and appropriate estimate, as well as prove their professionalism.

Research The Company

Having a little look online never hurt anyone and in fact it can clear your mind when it comes to whether the company is what you’re looking for in terms of experience, service and pricing. Likewise it can help you identify red flags such as if the company operates under other names or if they have any complaints against them and what for. Overall, researching a company that you’re relying on to get your possessions from A to B is never a bad thing, and is actually something everyone should consider doing.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews of all kinds – not just complaints can also drastically help choose the right company for you. Does the company have a particular niche, have they done an overwhelmingly fantastic job in the past or has someone had something specific they shared about how a company handled a problem or similar? These reviews can help showcase the truly unique and outstanding companies amongst the numerous fair to average ones.

Know The Practice

Knowing what to expect out of a reputable moving company can ensure you get the best value for money as well as avoid getting ripped off. Knowing that a reputable company should do a walk through with you, make notes, provide an estimate that you aren’t locked into should you agree, and knowing what to expect if you employ their services for packing and moving will help you identify the wheat from the chaff when it comes to moving companies.

Check Insurance

It’s well within your right to check with the company you’re thinking of using in regards to their insurance. Companies should typically have mover’s insurance which may vary from place to place as in what it covers but it should cover at least the movement of items plus vehicular insurance. The company my ask you to pay more in terms of insurance if they pack your items as well.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to choose the perfect moving company, look no further. It can be daunting and worrying when you don’t know where to begin, so hopefully this post has helped put your mind to rest a bit!