How to Start a Fashion Business…

Please let us know a bit more about what you’re currently doing and what made you want to do this?

I am a self-taught independent fashion designer based in Birmingham, my fashion brand EL MONÉT is set to launch October 2015. I got in touch with somewhereto_ as I wanted to host a model casting event to aid the search of models to work with in coming projects for my brand.


What were you doing before you got involved with somewhereto_?

I went to university in London for two years studying theatre production, I later dropped out as I didn’t feel it was fulfilling. My love for fashion has always been at the forefront and I’m glad I chose to pursue this as a career. Since leaving university two years ago I have been on an enterprise programme, a garment pattern cutting course, attended business conferences, showcased my garments in local/off schedule fashion shows, showcased my garments at London Fashion Week and exhibited my brand at the Clothes Show Live.


How did you come across somewhereto_?

I came across somewhereto_ when a friend of mine sent me a web link to a previous conference event which I attended. I enjoyed the whole event, I was able to pitch my fashion brand to a panel of professionals and gained a substantial amount of feedback which I still refer to now.


Have you used space through somewhereto_? What did you use it for? How was this beneficial for you?

Yes I used the mac Birmingham on Sunday 19th April. I needed a space to host a model casting event for my brand EL MONÉT, both the mac Birmingham and somewhereto_ were very helpful and supportive of the vision I had for this event. The event went very well, all models were happy including the parents that accompanied their daughters. We had great feedback and are now in the process of going through applications to select which models are best suited to model for EL MONÉT.


What has being involved with somewhereto_ meant to you?

It has meant a lot as the mac Birmingham was without a doubt the perfect venue for my event. It would have been more difficult to secure that venue without the help of somewhereto_.


What skills have you gained from your somewhereto_ journey?

  • Pitching my event to secure a venue
  • Planning an event
  • Execution of an event