In a world where customer service and support have become table stakes, how does the IRS measure up? - Somewhere To

In a world where customer service and support have become table stakes, how does the IRS measure up?

Source: Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

In today’s world of consumer-centric service models and 5 star ratings, review sites and social media, both private and public sector businesses and organizations are held to a higher standard and expectation for providing excellent customer service to their client base more so than ever before. But does that include the IRS?  With more than 150 million individual taxpayers and 10 million business entities paying taxes each and every year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) advocates for exactly that – ensuring that the IRS meets the needs of its customers and provide much needed support as they try to navigate our increasingly complex tax law.

Nina E. Olsen, National Taxpayer Advocate with the TAS recently retired from her 18 years of service, but not before she presented her final report to Congress, outlining the challenges the IRS faces in providing the level of customer support required to service the needs of all American taxpayers. As we stand at the heels of the largest tax law change in over 30 years, the IRS is facing a whole new level of customer need as taxpayers attempt to interpret and apply these changes to the tax law.

Based on Olsen’s most recent report, the challenges the IRS faces are making it increasingly difficult for Americans to come out on the winning side of their tax return. With only a 25% response rate for all inbound calls to the IRS, more than ¾ of taxpayers are left without the customer support they seek from the IRS. Coupled with budget constraints and a shifting of funds away from customer service into enforcement, opportunities abound for the IRS to put the taxpayer first.

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