NOW CLOSED- Paid Opportunity, London: Livity- paid Insight session


Youth Advertising and Marketing agency Livity is looking for 13-25yr olds to take part in an insight session on the 29th of February to talk about sports in England. Please read below for more details.


Insight Session- Mon 29th 5-7pm


We’re currently working on a very exciting project for a large sports organisation and are looking to speak to keen sports fans, aged 13-25 years old at an insight session here at Livity in Brixton (London) on Monday 29th February from 5-7pm (£30 incentive per participant).


Whilst we don’t need you to be actively participating in the sport (although it’s also fine if you are), we’re really interested in speaking to people who have an active interest in keeping up to date with the sport, discussing it, sharing content online about it e.g. regularly seeking out and sharing content on Twitter.


We’re looking for people interested in a whole range of sports, including less mainstream sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, motocross, wrestling etc. But if you’re interested in more mainstream sports such as rugby or football, we want to hear from you, too!


The session will be an open discussion with other sports fans (up to 8 of you) and should be good fun. We’re looking for people who are articulate and able to express their opinions and ideas well.


If you, or anyone you know, fits the bill, please email by 5pm Thursday 25th February with the following details:


  • Name
  • Age
  • Where you’re from
  • The sport(s) you’re interested in
  • If you could do anything to get more of your mates in the UK following the sport you’re interested in, what would it be and why?