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Introduce the Stunning Warren Platner Side Table into any Interior Layout

Innovation at his fingertips, Warren Platner crafted together the Platner Side Table, an icon that was far ahead of its times in 1966. The decorative attributes of this masterful creation make it an essential item to add to any 21st-century household. Normally one would consider a Side Table an insignificant afterthought, seeing as it normally only has operational purposes. However, this particular beauty boasts enhanced beauty making it a delightful treat to our visual senses. To help you make the most out of this investment, we’ve put together a few ideas that you may find useful:

1. A flair of fascinating magnetism:


The Platner Side Table exudes a gentle and graceful aura, granting it the ability to work gorgeously as a free-standing article. However, as you can see in the image above, by pairing it up with a matching chair and minimal adornments you can truly allow its raw beauty to shine through. The welded, curved steel rods perched upon a circular frame as well as the minimal use of complicated design patterns create a balanced synergy that appeals to modern sensibilities. This is a perfect spot for relaxing and munching on snacks whilst feeling calm from the low-key backdrop and flooring.

2. A unique living room design:


Available in Gold, Chrome and Gun Metal Black, the Platner Side Table is a versatile decor piece. It blends seamlessly into any indoor setup. This illustration is a wonderful example of how muted color tones like the Smokey grey carpet, complement the Gun metal black side table, creating a sense of synergy. The contemporary layout features of this particular article showcase how it enhances the look of the living space without actually overwhelming it. In spaces like this, it is important to consider free flow traffic, which is why the compact and sleek dimensions of this side table make it a convenient and suitable selection. The entire theme pictured here is low-key yet alluring.

3. Transitional and cozy:


A transitional design is an attractive and appealing setup due to the modern design elements of the Platner Side Table. Illustrated in the sample above is how perfectly this table works as an accompanying partner to stand-alone lounging chairs. The pioneering structure of this piece aims to replicate a futuristic and visionary ambiance. By opting for a monotone color palette like mustard flooring and matching furniture but placed against a white backdrop, you can highlight the physical attributes of the table in a subtle manner. Here it is a functional device to spread out books, place coffee mugs and perhaps your mobile devices. On the other hand, it also forges a wholesome appearance.

4. A charming loft:


If you’re looking to craft a wholesome living room whilst infusing bird and pieces of mid-century modernism, then the Platner Side Table is ideal. This adorable makeup adds a flourish of decorative accents, establishing a cozy aura. Place them underneath large French or bay windows with a threefold lighting effect. By placing it underneath a natural spotlight, you can really intensify the trendy and polished traits. In addition, it’s supremely easy to create an idyllic blend of chic and vintage. You can do this by incorporating contrasts through patterned rugs and throw pillows against a dark color scheme. The entire vibe here oozes warmth and inviting. Thus, it makes it the perfect location to laze around in with family and friends.

5. A contemporary haven:


For those with a more refined taste palette, they can situate the Platner Table amidst large, sharp and asymmetrical furnishings. This prototype demonstrates how you can incorporate a fusion of harmony as well as modernism by showcasing the tables uninterrupted lines. Furthermore, the blanket of glowing light diffuses through the various paneled windows. It brings to life the polished aura of each and every furniture item in this space. If you decide to go for a crystal-clear, white and monotone setup, it really is a tasteful as well as elegant choice. Here, despite playing a supplementary role, the sharp properties of the table are visually stimulating.

All in all, the Platner Side Table supplies a seemingly endless number of placement benefit. As a result, you yourself can come up with countless ideas to place it. These 5 examples can be a reliable sample resource to turn to. They come in handy whenever you need assistance when decorating any space.