Hall of Fame: Jake Francis, Artist

Jake Francis
Age: 23
Location: Bishop Stortford
Wants to be: Artist

My so called (f)art seeks to transform the mundane furnishings that surround us, allowing a slight upheaval of the dull and the dingy. Unfortunately, this often leads to them becoming crass and somewhat awful- making me a classic example of tit for tat (or more accurately, tat for tit/tits) somewhereto_ has assisted me in my unquenchable pursuit of ignorant success, allowing me to exhibit nationwide and communicate with audiences that I wouldn’t usually encounter.


Check out Jake Francis website here. 


Jake Francis


Skills gained:

​A teeny-weeny portion of my self-esteem restored (simultaneously lowering house prices in the local areas). Slight bragging rights during family meals at Christmas, Easter etc (YES MUM, I HAVE USED MY DEGREE! PASS THE SALT, WOMAN!)

Jake is a hugely creative and driven artist, working at Open-Pop-up Gallery, Byram Arcade pop up shop, Hillhead Library, Creative Occupations Bureau and having work displayed on the Norwich Market, and this is what he's done just through somewhereto_! His art is and writing is playful and witty, taking the seriousness and dullness out of the mundanity that surrounds us, in an almost neo anti art way. He has brilliant technical skills and produces work to the highest of standards, mainly adapted pre-existing objects into visual puns. I think he aims to makes us smile and tries to make our days that much brighter, what could be better!