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Javier Burillo – Falling in Love With Mexico’s Taco Culture

I try to get down to Mexico City see my buddy Javier Burillo at least twice a year and every time I arrive we go straight out for tacos. I have always enjoyed tacos, just like everyone else, but it wasn’t until I started getting down to Mexico a bit more often that I fell in love with the taco scene down there. In Mexico City, and around the country for that matter, tacos form a vital part of almost every day life. There are many reasons why tacos are way more than just a snack and here is exactly why I really adore the taco scene down in Mexico City particularly.

New Barbershop

Traditionally a barber shop would be the place to go for gossip and these would be the places where the community would come together in one place and share stories. Here in the US, at least for the most part, that attitude towards barber shops, or anywhere else for that matter, has really disappeared. Down in Mexico however it is the street taco stand where people congregate to chat, they will talk about current events, their lives and any other topics which come to mind. You will have some people who stay there all day, others who come and go, and they are really a central spot in the community for people to come together.

All Walks

Another thing that I love about the taco scene here, especially in the streets, is that you get such a wide mixture of people who grab tacos here and at any time of day you’ll just see completely different individuals gathering together. At any given time you may see a police officer, a business woman, a street sweeper and a family of four all sat around the grill, chewing down on some delicious tacos. This mixture is brilliant and there are few places where this actually occurs, in any city on Earth.


Something which I love to do is try multiple vendors, and because tacos are such small little parcels you can easily eat one or two at each place before moving on to the next place. You can of course choose to eat tacos for your whole meal if you so wish, but grabbing one as a snack is a much nicer, and probably healthy way of enjoying this delicious cuisine.


Finally I love the differences that you find from taco to taco, no two are alike and each vendor will make their tortillas a little different, fry the meat a little different and even serve up different types of tacos. This is why you have to tour around and visit as many as you can, in order to truly get the experience of different tacos and different flavors and inspirations from around the country.

If you happen to be visiting Mexico then do not miss the opportunity to really get into the Mexican taco scene.