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Kersh Law Firm – How You May Land in Hot Water With The Law

My buddy works for Kersh law firm and one of the most common sights which he sees there is people who are in trouble or who need help with the law, despite normally being a law-abiding citizen. Kersh law firm is not the only place where this happens of course and all over the country there are people who have found themselves in need of a lawyer, despite never having thought that they would. It is important to be aware of the issues which could arise when its comes to the law, in order for you to prepare yourself for the possibility that you may need a lawyer one day. Here are just a couple of examples as to why you may need that legal support.

DUI Charge

Now you may believe that there is no way that you would ever get caught driving a vehicle whilst under the influence, but many have also thought that before they got caught. What happens more often than not in these cases is that someone is driving the day after they have been drinking. Monitoring how much alcohol we have in our system is not easy unless you have the equipment, and you may innocently have thought that you were good to drive. This happens more than you may realize.


Naturally there is nobody on the planet who goes into a marriage thinking that one day it will end in separation, but the fact that divorce rates at the moment are almost 1 in every 2, it is fair to say that this may happen to you. Unless things are very amicable, which they very rarely are, you are going to need strong legal support in order to get through the divorce proceedings, and custody battles as well if there are kids involved. For most couples this is the first time that they have needed legal assistance.


One of the most common issues which my friend from Kersh law firm says that he sees are people who are going up against their own employers. There are a number of reasons for this and it could be anything from a contract dispute, bullying in the workplace, failure to pay staff or even an accident at work. Taking on your employer is not easy and this is why you will require legal support when the time comes. Again this is not something which people really plan for and it usually occurs after a sudden incident. Nonetheless it is a situation which many people find themselves in the middle of and it can be a very tough time indeed.

There are many more examples of reasons why you may need a lawyer, from land disputes with neighbors to getting caught up in a scuffle and hit with an assault charge. Always be aware of the law and your role within it, and be sure to make friends with a lawyer as I have!