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Kersh Law Firm – The Core Skills to be a Lawyer

Although the world of law is wildly varied and those who study it can specialize in a wide range of different branches of the law, there is a key and fundamental skillset and personality traits which almost all great lawyers possess. To find out more about this we spoke to the team at Kersh law firm here in Texas, I wouldn’t to know what they look for when hiring a lawyer, beyond the basics of course, and they were kind enough to let us in on what kind of personality traits and skills which they look for when someone wants to join the prestigious team at Kersh law firm.


Empathy is a vital skill if you want to work for Kersh and they pride themselves on being this way with their clients. I suppose it makes perfect sense in reality, if you are going in to hire a lawyer for a divorce proceedings then you want them to be on your side and you would want them to be understanding of what you are going through. Empathy can be spotted in a heartbeat and at Kersh they believe that there is a big difference between those who have it and those who don’t.

Work Levels

Anyone who studies hard at school and then goes on to study law and pass the bar will have had a  very good work ethic. Unfortunately however there are some who believe that all the work has been done when they pass the bar, when in reality it is only just beginning. This is something which the guys at Kersh want to see straight off the bat, they want their lawyers to be incredibly hard working and dedicated.

Playing the Team

Kersh law is very much a law firm which promotes the team dynamic and that is why they look for their lawyers to be able to play many roles within the team dynamic. Sometimes a lawyer may take the lead on a case, other times they may be doing the research and the leg work, regardless of which role they are playing Kersh want to see them deliver to a high standard. Cases are not won or lost by a single lawyer which is why they place such emphasis on the team ethos.

Memory Skills

A lawyer’s ability to remember previous cases and precedents is absolutely vital to how well they do the job and how successful their career will be. This is also something which Kersh look for and it is a commodity which is going to be absolutely vital in a lawyer’s arsenal. Call great lawyers have this ability and it is what sets good law students apart from the very best lawyers which we have working throughout the country.

Could you work for Kersh? Do you have what it takes to make the grade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below this post.