Hall of Fame: Kieran Cole Herbert, Artist/Curator

Kieran Cole Herbert
Age: 20
Location: Bristol
Wants to be: Artist/Curator

“I’m currently studying a BA in Fine Art at the University of the West of England. In my work I explore the violence and fragility of masculinity (with and without ‘physical’ gender) as well as questioning the issues of waste, matter and decay.

My installations can include paintings, projections, found objects, raw materials, sculpture, images from sci-fi movies, photos; fragmenting the ‘narrative’ and considering different ways of display.

I approached somewhereto_ for a free space to put on my exhibition entitled ‘F L I R T’. The experience has made me more ambitious and networking has helped me to gain more opportunities in Bristol and the UK.

My aim as a curator/artist is to showcase and promote contemporary art at a grassroots level. New galleries such as ebc (East Bristol Contemporary) are starting to do this; I admire that they still engage with the public and open up new arguments inside and out of contemporary art, whilst having little to no money to do so.”



  • Curation skills
  • Event management
  • Promotional and publicity
  • People management


Kieran has been involved in various arts projects with somewhereto_, showcasing his work at formal and informal exhibitions across the UK. He has shown a real commitment to his artistic development, culminating in the hugely successful FLIRT exhibition at The Island, Bristol. He is a challenging and thought-provoking artist who is an absolute pleasure to work with.