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Kitchen Designs For Spring

The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home. It’s where most members of the family spend the most time together, and as such it only makes sense to invest some time and effort to ensure that the kitchen fully encapsulates the look and feel that you wish it to have. After all, it is a significant part of your home. But when it comes to kitchen designs, it can be a struggle to translate into reality the aesthetic that you are going for, or even to think about the type of look that you wish to have put to life. It is worth thinking about what good kitchen design entails, which kitchen designers to keep an eye on for inspiration, as well as kitchen design types for the upcoming seasons to ensure that your kitchen renovation looks timeless and beautiful even as the years pass. 

Good Kitchen Design Involves…

It’s important to note that kitchen design is a very intricate thing and there are many things involved in ensuring that your cooking space is not only beautiful but also functional. To this end, it’s important to do your research and draw inspiration from as many kitchen designs as you can find.

The main parts of a kitchen, the stove, sink, and fridge, are called the work triangle. Your kitchen design must always start from there, as these are the most important areas. The layout of your kitchen depends on these, and if you are unhappy with the existing placement, it might be best to invest first in fixing this in order to ensure that your kitchen is functional and suits your needs. Only if you are okay with the current work triangle should you consider changing up other parts of the kitchen, or buying higher quality kitchen appliances and fixtures.

Simply put, when it comes to kitchen design, it is best to focus on three things. Functionality, storage, and lastly, lighting.

Functionality pertains to the ease of use of your kitchen, and involves thinking about the kind of space you want for your cooking area. Think about what matters most to you – do you prefer having a bigger space for food preparation, or would you want to add a kitchen island for guests to sit at for when you host get togethers? Are your counters enough for your appliances, or do you want to add more space for your must-haves in the kitchen? 

Aside from this, functionality also pertains to the ease of cleaning, which is especially important in a busy household. Think about the materials you wish to use for your floors, cabinets, backsplash, even the walls! While some types of materials may look stylish, anything can happen in a kitchen environment and stains can break the polished look that you are going for if it takes a lot of elbow grease to keep your kitchen looking spic and span.

Storage should also be a key point, and if you are planning a redesign of your kitchen, you need to think about whether or not your storage or pantry space is enough for you and your family’s needs. Not only is it important for food storage, but cabinets and shelves take up a lot of room in the kitchen, and their design can make or break the aesthetic that you are going for. Closed cabinets, open shelving – really think about not just the space requirements you have, but also how you wish to use your kitchen’s storage and organise your cooking space.

Lastly, it’s important to think about lighting. This is usually the last thing most people consider when redesigning a kitchen, but keeping it in mind whilst planning your kitchen’s new look can help to tie the whole room together. Lighting can be classified as general, which is mostly to light the entire room, task, which is for specific areas such as above the stove, above a kitchen island whose purpose is for meal prep, etc. Lastly, ambiance, which isn’t wholly necessary, but can really change up the feel of the kitchen space by just the flick of a switch.

Best Kitchen Designers For Spring

When looking for kitchen designers, it’s important to find a company that not only has experience in doing kitchen renovations, but also a great track record of beautifully designed kitchens. Even better if they have been awarded for their previous projects. That’s how you know you’re dealing with professionals who really know their stuff. Kitchen designer companies like The Maker not only provide consistently amazing designs and striking kitchens, you can rest assured that these experts will work with you to bring your dream kitchen to life, while also ensuring that your cooking area’s style and ambiance will stand the test of time.

Kitchen Design Types For the Spring Season

For 2019, minimalist styles are slowly giving way to more traditional looking kitchens with a more modern silhouette. 

1. Seamless cabinets

  • Cabinets with barely visible to nonexistent handles are taking over!

2. Minimal hardware

  • In 2019, less is more.

3. Concealed hood ranges

  • Hood ranges that are built into a kitchen and concealed by striking ceilings are all the rage.

4. Storage walls

  • Cabinets and shelving built into the walls of your kitchen not only provide a more cohesive look, but also give you more space to work with.

5. Curated kitchen decor

  • Amp up the cohesion by means of using curated kitchen decor to tie the look of your kitchen together.

6. Two-tone kitchens, specifically wood-white combinations

  • Neutral colour combinations can really open up the look and feel of your cooking area.

7. Mixed metals

  • Gone are the days of rose gold everything, instead, mix and match coppers, silvers, and golds for a striking industrial aesthetic.

8. Handmade looking tile backsplashes

  • Perfectly polished backsplashes are slowly giving way to organic looking tile that gives a charming feel to your cooking area.

9. Open iron shelving

  • If you’re not into cabinets built into your walls, open shelving with iron components is another option to take.

10. Matte black cabinets and shelving

  • Out with glossy cabinets and in with sultry matte finishes!