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Lowell Farm Live Rosin Vape

One of the biggest trends that has taken the country, and indeed the world, by storm over the last five to ten year is the vaping trend. What started as an alternative to traditional cigarettes and tobacco products has now evolved into a wide-reaching industry that offers countless options when it comes to what you choose to vape. Tobacco and non-tobacco vape are popular still but the area that has seen the most explosive growth in the last few years is the cannabis vape products that are now available. With more and more states legalizing medical marijuana and some stated making recreational cannabis use legal, the demand for quality cannabis vape products is growing at a tremendous rate. That is why Lowell Farms is committed to providing residents of California and visitors to the state with the finest in non-synthetic, organically grown cannabis products.

The Lowell Fam Difference

Of all the products Lowell carries the most popular one by far is the live rosin vapes. Each one is made with only the finest and purest of cannabis flowers and leaves. All plants are locally and sustainably grown on Lowell’s farm using organic soil and fertilizer- never synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or harsh soil additives. On Lowell’s farms, they believe in support for not just the environment but for the community as well, which is why they are committed to providing all of their workers with a fair living wage. And from the time the soil is prepared until the final product is shipped to your door to enjoy, they use only all-natural materials. These are the things that exemplify the Lowell Farm Difference- a difference you can taste!

Quality Cannabis Products by Lowell

Lowell’s cannabis products are popular among seasoned vapers as well as beginners because the care and attention they take in growing, harvesting, and preparing plants shows in a stunning flavor that cannot be matched. Whether you are looking for something to help with stress and to just take the edge off, or you need something with a little more kick for pain relief, Lowell Farm has what you need! From tinctures and oils to live rosin vape pens and mire, you can find everything you need in one convenient place. They also grow, harvest, and sell the finest in cannabis flowers anywhere in the state of California as well as a range of vape pens and accessories. If you want a quality product this is the place you definitely want to be!

Discover the Enjoyment of Lowell Café

Lowell Farm has been proudly providing California residents and victors with the highest quality products for years. Adding to this, they are proud to announce that we are opening Lowell Café in Hollywood. This café is the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant to be opened in the U.S. Because many states, including California, have recently legalized marijuana on the state level, it is easier than ever for residents to celebrate this life. We invite you to come hang at Lowell Café where you can eat, drink, and smoke cannabis. Visit them online to learn more about the new café and all of the amazing cannabis- goodies they have to offer.

To learn more about Lowell Farm and Lowell Café, or if you have questions about the benefits of enjoying cannabis, visit their website. They would love to introduce you to the wonderful world of quality, sustainable, organic cannabis products you can feel good about!