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Lowell Farms Shoots To #1 Brand Among California Cannabis Lovers

Lowell Farms is the most popular California cannabis grower in the state. They are located in Santa Barbara and grow several varieties of marijuana plants. Using only organic fertilizers, they grow natural, high quality cannabis. They partner with like-minded family-owned farms across California. They sell California’s #1 preroll.

Their products can be purchased on their website. People in California can use weedmaps.com to have Lowell Farms marijuana delivered to their door or to locate a local dispensary. Over 300 dispensaries carry their products. All of their products are available to Californians while only the CBD can be shipped out of state.

Lowell Farms has a variety of marijuana products for sale. Their California cannabis products include Hell’s Fire, OG CHEM, The Soothing Hybrid, and The Party Sativa. They also sell organic cold-pressed cannabis oil. This CBD is sold as a pre-roll and as a CBD hemp flower.

They are opening the first cannabis restaurant in America, Lowell Cafe. This restaurant will open on October 1st in West Hollywood. This cafe will sell food, drinks, and, of course, California cannabis. There are three sections. In the cafe, you can order food and drinks but can’t smoke pot. In the other two sections you can order food and drinks and have them delivered to your table. You can also smoke joints. One of these sections is inside and the other outside on the roof. Both sections look like you stepped into the Amazon Rainforest since the walls and ceiling are covered with plants.

Lowell Cafe seeks to provide an educational experience to everyone who visits, from newbies to experts. They will have budtenders and flower hosts who can talk to guests about the nuances of each strain of California cannabis. They will also explain how to expertly roll a joint. Budtenders and flower hosts can be thought of like the sommelier that high-end restaurants employ to recommend a wine. High-end accessories will be available for sale that guests can try out before spending hundreds of dollars on one. This includes ceramic pipes and bongs from brands Summerland and Miwak Junior.

Since not that many states have legalized recreational marijuana, it is expected that Lowell Cafe will have a lot of tourists visiting it. After all, they can’t smoke marijuana in their hotel room, at a park, or on a street corner. Tourists should make a reservation as there are only limited tables for walk-ins. It might take a while to get a reservation, though. The first 30 days after Lowell Cafe opens all reservations were quickly booked.

Adding to the excitement of Lowell Cafe opening, people are looking forward to what its head chef serves. This is Andrea Drummer. She wrote a cookbook, “Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of a Born Again Chef.” She also appeared as a contestant on the Netflix series, “Cooking on High.” She has privately cooked for several celebrities.

The ingredients cooked in the Lowell Cafe kitchen will come from local farmers markets. The menu is first-of-its-kind as it is designed to be enjoyed by people with heightened senses having just smoked marijuana. Some options include pickled vegetables with white beans and avocado hummus, a fried chicken sandwich with kale and Brussels sprout slaw, and heirloom tomatoes paired with house-made pickles.

Each evening after 10:00 pm there will be a nightly event. This could include string quartets, comedy nights, and fireside chats to educate people about cannabis. Being a Los Angeles restaurant, Lowell Cafe is also sure to become a popular place for movie premieres, record releases, and after-parties.