5 Easy Ways to Make Your Event Sustainable

Some simple steps you can take to create a more sustainable event.

Event organisers are some of the busiest people around. There’s so much to juggle and trusted suppliers are an absolute must.

Considering the impact our choice of suppliers has on the environment, community and economy may seem like another thing on the to do list, but it is important. With growing demands from clients to stick to budgets and hit sustainability targets, there are big advantages to working with suppliers that can help you.

Here are a few ideas to help you in the right direction towards sustainability.

  1. Buy Social

A directory of social enterprises providing products and services that trade for environmental or social purposes, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a reliable, affordable supplier, that does good for the world.

  1. Venues:

Many venues, such as Rich Mix, Roundhouse and Ugly Duck, support programmes helping their communities, but you can make any venue have a social purpose by booking with us. We specialise in finding London’s most interesting and inspiring venues for you to hire, whilst also improving the lives of young people. When you book a space with somewhereto_ a young person get’s a space for free, and the chance to bring their idea or vision to life.

sustainable event

  1. Catering

Going organic is a good place to start, but there are companies who also have a social impact. Wild Thyme creates beautiful, healthy food with big personality and donates 22p per person to Magic Breakfast.

sustainable event

  1. Community involvement

Think about the surrounding area of your event. Can you book local talent, find local suppliers, or staff for the event. Organisations like Raw Material are a great place to find local young talent.

sustainable event

  1. Recycling and waste management

As much as you can, use recyclable materials and recycle your food waste. Wrap has some great tips and resources for the hospitality sector on how to reduce your waste.

There’s so much more you can do to ensure your event is sustainable, but these tips are a great place to start.