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Mark Hochberg NYU – How to Be The Best Student You Can Be

Your years at university are going to be some of the best of your life which is why it makes so much sense to really throw yourself into your education and university life. For myself and my business partner Mark Hochberg NYU was our college of choice and we had an absolute riot during the years we spent there. Both Mark and I did well at college and we really made the most out of this experience, and here are some tips on making sure that you are able to make the most out of this experience too.

Don’t Be Swayed

The key to doing well at university is being balanced and finding the way to enjoy a happy and active social life, and work hard on your studies. There are however many people who love the social side of things so much that this is where they dedicate their time and attention, and it can be easy to become swayed by these people. In fact this happened to me to some extent in my first year, which is why I am saying to you that you should avoid these people wherever possible.

Understand Independence

This is likely to be your first time of being completely independent and whilst it is an exiting time you must ensure that you don’t confuse independence with being alone. There is so much to get out of student life and this is an opportunity for you to meet people and make some friends for life. Just because you want to focus on your studies doesn’t mean that you should stay in your room or dorm for the duration of your university life.

Manage Your Money

There really is nothing romantic about being a broke student and whilst it is very unlikely that you are going to be flush during your university years, you should learn to manage your money well so that you are not going to broke all the way through your education.

Reach Out For Help

Never be afraid to reach out for help if you are struggling, there is plenty of support around. No matter if you are struggling with a subject or perhaps with student life in general, there are many people out there who can help you such as older students and professors. You should never struggle alone, anything you are going through just reach out for support.

Put The Hours In

Above all else you must not let this opportunity go to waste, this is a chance to really knuckle down and absorb as much knowledge as you are possibly able to. Enjoy the social side of things by all means but make sure that you are prepared and ready to put the work in when it is necessary.

Focus on these things and you can ensure that you will have a fun and educational experience at university.