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Mason Jar Wedding Invitations that Work For You – Basic Invite

Wedding preparations are something that you want to go completely smoothly, no hiccups just hassle free planning that sets your special day up to be the most wonderful day ever. One of the most important aspects to planning your wedding day is creating and sending invitations that you are happy with.

Basic Invites make wedding invitation making a breeze with a range of exquisite designs to choose from. It can be a tedious and often tiresome task but with mason jar invitations, creating your invites becomes a fun and easy thing to accomplish.

You want to be comfortable with the form of wedding invitations that you choose, and love the style and way that it will be sent.  Here is why Basic Invites is great website to choose.

Wedding Website

Technology is the thing of today and some often find it easier to click onto a website and view a wedding page that read through a booklet. Basic Invites provide the best free wedding websites available to enable your guest to keep up with your wedding details digitally. These website are all customise to fit the themes of all the invitations that are available on Basic Invites.

Create a website that is beautiful and that truly reflects what your day will be like. It’s simple to use and includes no extra charges. Customize it to your liking with a 180 custom colours to choose from.

Faultless Invitations

When choosing invitation templates, sometimes the lack of choice can leave you settling for an invitation that you’re not 100% happy with and that doesn’t accurately match the theme of your wedding.

With Basic Invites you can alter the colour of any part of the invitation that you want, and select out of the 180 other colours to choose from to add to it. This is what sets this site above the rest: looking out for your interest and allowing you to get your perfect invitations.

A Load of Invites

The list is not minimal when choosing your desired invite. There are 800 invites to choose from, you can even use the invitations as a set to match the various other handouts you provide on your wedding day from menus, programs, thank you cards and enclosure cards.

Your Customized Sample

Often when you make something online it doesn’t look the same once it’s arrived. With Basic invites you can order a sample of your customized invitations so that you are reassured it is what you really want. You want your entire guests to be awestruck by your invites and to be thinking if that is so beautiful then how glorious is the day going to be; with a custom sample you can have that piece of mind.

An Array of Envelopes

Best Invites don’t just stop at the invites and leave you to choose a plain and unappealing envelope for it to be wrapped in. Their invites have just as much colour and attractiveness as the invites, leaving people eager to open it and see what’s inside. There are up to 40 coloured envelopes to choose from so you can have your ideal one.