#TBT: Free Office Space, Mous Case and somewhereto_

 Off the back of somewhereto_ startup, we helped Mous find free office space to kickstart their business.

Mous are on a mission to eliminate tangled earphones from your life! We caught up with co-founder James over a year ago. He gave us the lowdown and some advice for budding entrepreneurs and why they should make the most of a somewhereto_ free office space.

“Mous Musicase is the world’s smallest iPhone case that holds Apple headphones. It might seem like a fun idea at the time to use your bedroom as a office to support a team of entrepreneurs but if your business is going to be a success you are setting yourself up for problems. Is your girlfriend likely to want to stay or to become a budding co-founder? Where do you put yet another parcel? What corner of the room will a new hire work? Get used to stepping on plugs… A BETTER IDEA… call somewhereto_!”

It’s amazing to see how far they have come since we first met them over a year ago. Mous case are now being stocked on ASOS and Urban Outfitters and are flourishing as a company. If you want to learn more about Mous Case and how they got to where they are now, check out their website here.  Find a space to launch your business from somewhereto_ to make your business dreams a reality.