#TBT: Mozilla Digital Workshop and Me

Two years ago some of the somewhereto_ family went to a Mozilla Digital Workshop to talk about the development of their digital badge platform. Here’s a guest blog from Jennifer Collier about the day!

‘Recently five others and I were given the chance to represent somewhereto_ in a Mozilla digital workshop held by Digital Me at Mozilla Firefox in London. Digital badges create an online platform in which you can display a tangible recognition of your achievements. Different organisations, schools and charities can create their own badges and award them to anyone for any achievement.

mozilla-digital-me-workshopThe power of digital badges is that you can dictate what is shown in your digital ‘backpack’ therefore work or experience which previously would have been lost are now recognised and valued. Developing confidence for those like me who want to use different work experiences to expand their own CV in a visually appealing way, badges can represent transferable skills gained on either a local or on a national level. This fantastic development is a great chance to showcase all that you have to offer to anyone you want to show. What’s there to lose? ‘

We want you to be able to highlight the range of amazing skills you’ve gained throughout the somewhereto_ process, which is why we’ve created somewhereto_endeavour.

So, how do you get one? It’s easy, after you’ve used a somewhereto_ space one of our team will be in touch to send you a link to the application page, where you can fill in the information needed to support your application. So make sure you do it!

Find out more about somewhereto_ Skills and how they can help you gain – and showcase – some really valuable experience.