Music Entrepreneur: Georgio Savvides

Georgio Savvides is a music entrepreneur from London, who founded the Hip Hop Orchestra. A Ted Talk under his belt, an appearance on BBC 1Extra, performances at world class venues and winner of Impatience Is A Virtue Award, Georgio is taking over the world!

What has having free space from somewhereto_ meant to you?

It meant everything to me. I couldn’t of done it without somewhereto_, especially Joe and Jason, who were both incredibly patient, beyond friendly and were mentors to me throughout the time that we’ve been working together over the past 4 years.  Having the free space to prepare for events was incredibly helpful.

Have you always known you wanted to set up your own business?

No, I just had the idea of making classical music more appealing and it just took off. I see it as business and pleasure. I was a composer and I always wanted an orchestra to play my music. Now people want to pay for my time and I can see there’s a business benefit in what I do.

What have you learnt from setting up your own enterprise? What have others taught you?

How to be organised,­ super organised.

It’s also taught me to be more business minded and social. If you’ve got an idea there’s nothing stopping you.

Networking is important. You can’t be scared to talk about your idea. You need to go out and network so your project starts to gain momentum. Coming out of your shell is really important.

How optimistic are you for yourselves and other start ups succeeding in this current climate?

Although the climate has changed so much in various aspects, I’ve always kept very optimistic that ourselves and others can succeed no matter what and will continue this way until we reach our targets, it just depends on how much work you want to put in. If you’ve got the idea, patience and drive, you just have to go for it. London’s music scene in general has taken over. It’s huge for grime and hip hop. American artists now want to come over and work with us, so it is the perfect time

What advice would you give someone looking to do something similar?

Don’t stop. If you’ve got a great idea, remain humble. Your personality will get you far in life. Work on your craft. Become a brilliant musician first then go out and sell your idea. Also present your idea in such a way that people want to make it work for you.

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