My Space: Roundhouse, Camden

I’m Rosie, music lover, typical individuality craving young person, concertgoer and somewhereto_ work experience participant.

I never thought I’d be a gig person, even though I always enjoyed music. The idea of people spilling their beer down your shirt, losing your shoes amongst the sweaty masses and being involuntarily grinded on by the person behind really put me off. However when my friend finally coerced me into going with her to my first ever concert to see an artist I didn’t even like, with the boring bass pop-music pounding in the background, the Camden Roundhouse was probably the sole reason I changed my opinion on live music. While I wasn’t wrong about the sweaty people and slightly sickeningly sticky floors, this beautiful venue was a fabulously surprising distraction.

I have revisited this venue many times visiting artists that I actually enjoy, which obviously makes the experience about one hundred times better. The gorgeous


arches of the old train house create an amazing feeling of space but also separation from the outside world. This is slightly paradoxical and strangely appealing, as it creates a supernatural, maybe even enchanted atmosphere, which adds to the buzz of seeing your favourite band play live.

The Roundhouse is probably the best place for a concert, however it has also opened my previously narrow-minded view of the live music experience. I now feel like I want to go to concerts whenever I can and am willing to give new things a try as I know there’s a chance I would actually like it.

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Writer Bio:

My name is Rosie and I’m 15. I have just finished my GCSE’s. I am currently doing work experience at Livity, which is fantastic, however I don’t really know what my plan for the future is beyond sixth form, where I’ll study Biology, Art, Drama and History. I love films, music and art.