Hall of Fame: Ned Caderni, Playwright & Director

Ned Caderni
Age: 20
Location: Norwich
Wants to be: Playwright, Director, Filmmaker

I run my own company, The Florence Company, along with long-time friend Alberto Lais with the goal of creating bizarre yet thoughtful works which both engage and provoke the audience. My aim when embarking on any type of project, be it film or theatre, is to explore ideas and concepts, freely and independently. This allows us to favour more interesting and diverse choices as opposed to conventional ones.

I want to challenge what ‘Student Theatre’ can be and push myself, and also those who I work with, to create a professional atmosphere and an end product that can hopefully rival shows that are put on by more experienced companies.

If you want to get in touch we are always looking for people to join in on our weird adventure, be it acting, writing, directing or anything technical. We don’t bite! Our email is theflorencecompany@gmail.com. You can also visit our website here. 

somewhereto_ has been helpful in allowing me to put on projects that I perhaps wouldn’t have had the confidence to put on. It has also given me plenty of connections in Norwich (for example The Garage and The Norwich Puppet Theatre) where I will be spending three years studying Creative Writing.


  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Leadership
  • Patience
  • Openness to ideas
  • Confidence