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Need sunglasses? Here’s how to pick the pair that suits you best


We’ve all been there – heading off on a sun soaked vacation but not being able to find our sunglasses. Or maybe you have found your old pair and realise they don’t really suit you anymore. Sunglasses can be one of the trickiest things to get right, and with so many styles, shapes, colours and more out there to choose from, it’s no wonder we struggle. But never fear – there are actually a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shades, and here they are.

Pick A Shape Opposite To Your Face

It sounds counter intuitive, but if you have a rounded face, stick with squared frames. This helps balance your face out instead of going with frames that are the same shape as your face and making you look like a giant walking circle or square. Frames that are the opposite shape to your face will help frame your face as well, providing you with an impressive look that can be used day or night. After all, who doesn’t like having a well framed face, be it with the right shape of glasses or the perfectly cut hair.

Stick With A Classic

Classic frames make for the best purchases as they rarely go out of style and you will be able to wear them for years to come – a bonus if you spend more on them than your average pair of eyeglasses or similar. Classic frames include aviator frames – a shape that seems to keep doing the rounds year after year even when we think we’ve seen the last of them. Aviators are great for a square face while more angular ‘modern clubmaster’ sunglasses are great on a longer, more oval shaped face.

An Investment Never Felt So Good

We all know that investments are great when you have the money to do so, such as laser hair removal – as in, paying top dollar for something you know will last for years. Buying top of the line sunglasses will ensure you’re buying a product or brand that has staying power, and like we said, if you pick a classic as well as a tone like browns/blacks or beiges instead of bright or fun colours will likewise keep the longevity factor going for years. Try not to buy into fads or trending styles or colours, especially if you’re spending a good couple hundred dollars on a pair of specs as with the trends and fashions, they can come and go faster than you think and you will be left with something that doesn’t work anymore two seasons from now.

So if you’re looking to be stylish and relevant for years to come when it comes to spectacular sunglasses, look no further than these couple of great suggestions and tips. With shades being as popular as ever, even just as a statement piece for those looking to stand out, you will want to follow a couple of rules to make sure you get the perfect pair without sacrificing style, class or your bank account.