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One Month Road Trip Itinerary in the UK

The UK is beautiful. There is plenty to see from the great architectural wonders of London to the scenic countryside and the beautiful coasts.

If you go, unprepared, you might not enjoy yourself. Here are some things you should have before you take your one-month road trip within the UK.

1. Drivers license, roadside assistance, and insurance

These are the essentials you should prepare first. If you are renting a car, ensure that all these are accessible wherever you go. To save even more money, you can check out monthly car insurance.

Consider paying insurance for all who can drive so that they take over the wheel for you, in case you get tired.

A license will ensure smooth driving on checkpoints, and roadside assistance access will ensure you do not have to be stuck in one place if something happens.

2. Navigation Tools

Reading maps the old way is fun, but technology is more straightforward and will save time. After all, you have one month to picnic in Surrey, rock climb in the Peak District, hike the Scottish Highlands, and surf at Cornwall.

GPS and satellite navigation will ensure you always know where you are, where you are headed, and how fast to get there safely.

3. Bring All the Gear You Need

When you are picnicking, hiking, camping, or anything outdoorsy, you will need the right gear. The proper wear means you get to enjoy everything you do because you came prepared. Imagine rock climbing in your running shoes. It doesn’t sound enjoyable, does it?

To understand the things you need to bring, check out on the map all the places you plan to visit and what kind of weather/terrain you might encounter.

4. Save Money

Saving money involves thinking ahead. Consider bringing reusable items like a cup, refillable water bottle, and reusable bags to carry any things you may need. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but some of the places also give customers discounts when they bring their own containers.

5. Prepare for Rain

We could make jokes about the UK being rainy, and they would be funny because it is true. However, prepare for rain by carrying an umbrella, boots, and anything else you would need when walking out in the rain. It all depends on the season, so look at the forecast first to be better prepared for what may come.

6. Fill Your Tank and Stock Up on Snacks

Not only will you save time by pre-fueling, but you will also have something to keep you going for the drive. If you have a favorite place to fuel or buy snacks, carry your loyalty cards and collect those points wherever you see a familiar petrol station or store.

There are things you usually have to pack but forget. List them down days before and ensure you have them the night before you leave. They include tissues, hand sanitizers, any medication, mints, clean socks, etc.

Have a lovely trip.