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Overlooked Benefits of Drinking More Water

If you are being honest with yourself, how much water do you drink each day? Given that the recommended daily amount is 2/3 liters for women and 3/4 liters for men, how do you stack up? Many people do ensure that each day they are drinking the right amount of water but there is a far larger number of people who do not, and the result of not doing so will be affecting every part of their body. If you fall into this latter category then here are just some of the numerous benefits of drinking water, which many people overlook.

Improves Complexion

Ever wondered how to make your skin look healthier and fuller? Well, it may not cure all ailments but drinking water is the perfect start to fixing your complexion especially if you want to get rid of under eye wrinkles. Given that your body is made up of 60% water it is no surprise to learn that not drinking enough will dehydrate you, and your skin. Drinking more water will keep you and your skin hydrated, it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve those eye bags and give you far healthier looking complexion.

Weight Loss

Believe it or not, you can greatly help any weight loss efforts by increasing the amount of water which you are drinking. This can help two-fold, the first is that drinking more water will make you feel fuller and less likely to snack when you shouldn’t. Water is also highly important in the process of removing by-products of fat, helping you to trim inches much quicker.

Brain and Energy Booster

Research has found that dehydration is something which will affect your mood, decrease your cognitive skills, increase sensitivity to pain and stress, and will affect your memory. If you are left feeling flat most days, or tired when you don’t understand why, or perhaps even a little dumb, it could be that you are not giving your body enough water. The brain is composed of 73% water which is why you will be able to concentrate and focus better when you are fully hydrated.

Keeping Things Regular

Continuous drinking of water will help your digestive system to work better and will ensure that you maintain regularity when it comes to removing waste. Water encourages the body to digest food which is yet another reason why you should increase your intake of good old H2O.


The most common cause of headache is dehydration. Because of the importance of water for the brain, this is your first sign that you are not getting enough, and if you have regular headaches then this is the place to start. Dehydration causes your brain to shrink slightly which pulls it away from the skull, this pulling is what causes the headache, great pain that could have been avoided so simply.

There are many more benefits of drinking more water, and no disadvantages which is why you should look to up your daily intake sooner rather than later.