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Perks of having your own private home garden

Source: Unsplash | Erin Wilson

Home gardens can exist in different ways – from few plants in containers placed at the balcony to large plots in the backyard. One of the biggest advantages of having a home garden is getting fresh produce and many other benefits. On top of these benefits, gardening is a fun and engaging activity that can be practiced by anyone.

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Here are the benefits of owning a home garden

Instant access to fresh produce

You will be able to access fresh produce from your garden instead of visiting grocery stores. This way, you save on time and money you could have used on fuel. Also, depending on the things you plant, gardening can be a great way to save money on food. Even though you will incur cost on seeds and fertilizers, a single plant will offer a lot of produce, which will save you money in the long-run. Planting a variety of crops offers new flavouring options and recipes.


Since you are going to oversee the whole growing process, you will be able to control the chemicals and products. Normally, organic produce costs more in grocery stores. However, you can grow your own organic produce by using compost manure and avoiding chemicals and pesticides. Also, with a home garden, you pick produce when they are ripe as opposed to grocery stores where they are not fully ripe. The flavours and quality of freshly picked produce are superior from refrigerated produce with unknown chemicals in grocery stores. In addition, produce retains more nutrients if they are consumed shortly after harvesting. So, home-grown produce is a healthier option.

Environmental impact

A garden provides a homeowner with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. You will be able to use the kitchen and other yard waste as compost manure. This way, you will be able to reduce the waste you produce while at the same time provide natural fertilizer for your plants. Also, avoiding chemicals on your plants is not only healthy but also helps to reduce pollution and groundwater contamination. Furthermore, plants help to reduce soil erosion.