Hall of Fame: Perry J Brown, Graphic Designer/Artist

Perry J Brown
Age: 22
Location: London, Tottenham
Wants to be: Graphic designer/ Artist

CassinovArt creates designs, images, and artistic intellectual property for sale. As well as offering customers an artistic design service, drawing traditional and/ or digital editing and enhancements.

somewhereto_ has provided a platform for CassinovArt to expose as much of its work as possible.  They have gotten the company involved any which way they could they can in events held at somewhereto_Tottenham.

Business name


Title, job or industry they’re looking to get into or business goal

Selling design services and artwork to the public and bringing in new products to sell to consumers designed by the company. Setting up an online shop. Ultimately to develop a well-known reputation in the creative industry.


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  • Verbal/non-verbal communication
  • Traditional art skills (This can cover pencil designss)
  • Digital design skills
  • Graphic design skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Creative skils.