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Plants that will Bring Life to your Surroundings

A plant is nature’s gift, that is natural and is useful in every possible way. Plants not only cleanse the air we breathe, but they also provide us with fruits, flowers, vegetables, green leaves for herbivore animals, and more. The same plants that work as a crucial part of the ecosystem, these same plants also make perfect home decor pieces. Come, let us explore a few such plants that help in decorating the house and require the least care. The list includes both indoor plants and outdoor plants, let us begin-

  1. Begonia- Begonia plant has almost the same characteristics as that of Aloe Vera plant or Kalanchoe plant. Begonia plant needs to be dried out completely in between watering. And this plant works well in fluorescent light, which means this plant can be added to your office decor.
  2. Calatheas- This plant has dual-coloured leaves, and to uplift its beauty well, place this plant in a white vase. This plant works best in indirect sunlight as direct sunlight will burn its leaves or make them faded. The soil of this plant needs water in an adequate amount.
  3. Air Plants- Air plants can grow anywhere, but it is advised to give air plants, some indirect and bright sunlight. These plants can be placed in a terrarium filled with dry sand. Water these plants by keeping them inside a jar of water for ten minutes every week.
  4. Weeping Fig- Place this plant in your living space, at a place where these plants receive bright and indirect sunlight. These plants require moist soil to grow well, but not an overwatered soil. So, water them accordingly with proper water quantity and the leaves of this plant are quite filling, so place this plant in a white vase that will complement this plant.
  5. Split Leaf Philodendrons- This plant has leaves that are quite dark in colour, and that is why it is advised to place this plant in a neon colour vase, to complement its beauty. Like other plants mentioned in the list, bright and indirect sunlight is the best for this plant with the right amount of watering.
  6. Asparagus FernThis plant would make a perfect hanging plant, as ferns grow out of shape and are mostly falling out of the planter. Place this plant in your balcony or at the office reception on a plant stand. Water this with an adequate amount of water to keep it green and alive and assure bright and indirect sunlight to these ferns.
  7. Alocasia- Alocasia is considered as a “showy plant”, that have leaves with well-defined lines with a lot of variations. These plants thrive best when they are given enough time to dry out in between waterings. Also, mist this plant if you are not watering it, as it will keep the leaves clean and appealing to the eyes.

So, that is it for the list of green plants that will make your home or office space more lively and colourful. And before you bring home these green friends, make sure you research well as to what plant suits the best, indoors or outdoors.