Poetry on Peckham High Street

Last week somewhereto_ took over Peckham with Poetry…

A troop of incredibly talented young spoken-word artists took to the the streets of Peckham to perform their poetry to unsuspecting passersby, guerrilla style.

Taking place on the day of the referendum result the poets passion bought the local community together to get behind powerful opinions of their young residents. The poets were given the platform to test new material, perfect their performance skills, and respond to a varied and unexpected audience.

Leke Oso Alabi, somewehreto_ coordinator, 25 and organiser of ‘Poetry on Peckham High Street’ described the project as: ‘A way for poets and poetry to find new audiences. Rather than making people go to dedicated venues to hear poetry, we wanted to take poetry to where people naturally were.’

Starting in Peckham Square the poets recited to passersby. The event then toured its way to Aylesham Shopping centre; their next performance took them to Rye Lane Market. The event was wrapped up at Rye Wax, in the basement of the Bussey Building.

Leke requested a massive shout out to Timothy O’Brien, co-organiser, and to the poets involved: Kyronne Parkes, Madi Maxwell-Libby, Zahrah Sheikh, Gabriel Jones and Caleb Fumi. Leke also wanted to say a massive thank you to all the venues that handed over their spaces.

Lastly somewhereto_ would like to thank you, our customers. Your support makes projects like this a reality.

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