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Prepping Your Home for an Organized Move

Planning a move, by itself, is a very lengthy and involved process. There are many things to plan for and organize pretty much until the big day itself. But you have to ask yourself: is there something I could do around the house to make moving day more organized? Well, yes, there are many things you could do in both your new and old home to make moving day that little bit easier and more organized. In order to help with that, we have put together a guide on prepping your home for an organized move. We hope you find it helpful.

Label your boxes

The first step to prepping your home for an organized move is labeling your boxes. You should try to do this while you’re packing. As you finish packing a room, simply label the boxes with the room’s name. This way, when you or your movers bring the boxes into your new home you will know where to put them. Since the boxes will already be in the correct rooms, this will also make the unpacking process much easier. Of course, if you want to have a stress-free move we always recommend hiring a moving company. The entire process goes much easier with help, and hiring movers guarantees that your belongings will arrive in your new home on time and safe. That said, doing a DIY move is completely understandable, but do keep in mind that it’s much more stressful and you will have to be a lot more personally involved.

Labeling your boxes helps a lot when unloading them into your new home, and marking boxes as fragile will let your movers know to be careful.

Label rooms in your new home

If you have access to your new home before moving day, it is a good idea to label the rooms there. This way, your movers can easily find the rooms your boxes need to be unloaded into. If you want to be extra organized, you can take the time to label the places where you want to place your furniture with painters’ tape. It is a great way to streamline the process of unloading your belongings into the new home. It doesn’t take much, just a few hanging signs or labels on doors. Then you can easily move onto unpacking your boxes. This level of organization goes a long way to helping you unpack with ease in no time. And the faster you can unpack the faster you can go about settling into the new home.

Declutter before you pack

It is rather common for people to pack a box of things when moving and then realize they don’t want to keep these items when they arrive in their new home. Avoiding this is rather easy: carefully declutter your entire home before you begin packing. An easy method to do this is the one-year method. If you haven’t used something in over a year, you should probably get rid of it. We understand this might not be easy if a lot of your belongings have sentimental value, and that’s fine. What you want to avoid is having to get rid of things as soon as you are settled into the new home.

Decluttering before you start packing will make the packing process much easier and more organized.

Pack a box of necessities

Part of prepping your home for an organized move is preparing in case something goes wrong. So, take the time to pack a box of essentials you would need for an overnight stay. This way, if something happens in transit, you have what you need to spend a night in the new home. Of course, if you select the perfect moving company, this is almost guaranteed not to happen. However, being prepared never hurts. And if nothing happens, which it hopefully won’t, then you have a box packed with everything you need to settle comfortably into the new home. This box should include: medication, snacks, spare clothes and toiletries.

Protect the floor in your new home

Take the time a few days before moving day to go to your new home and cover the floors in it. The reason for this is simple: there will be a lot of foot traffic on moving day, so you should protect the floor in the new home in order to avoid damage. Of course, if you hire full-service movers, they will do this themselves. And really, if you have the money for it, hiring full-service movers is the best choice anyway because you can get all the help you need and make the move a total breeze.

Hardwood floors can be a bit fragile, so taking the time to properly protect them before moving day is helpful.

Check ahead of time if you want to renovate something

Maybe, after you move into your new home, you will want to renovate something in it. For example, maybe the kitchen doesn’t suit your tastes and so you want to renovate your kitchen. It would help if you knew that ahead of the move. If you do this very early on, you could even have the renovations completed before the move itself. So, take the time to visit your new home as soon as you can and decide if you want something renovated. Of course, getting renovations done while also planning a move can be quite stressful, but it comes with the benefit of all the work being done while you’re still not living in the new house. And if you’ve ever done any renovations, you will know that it can be very annoying while you are living in the home.

Prepping your home for an organized move – closing thoughts

Preparing for a move can be very stressful. However, taking the time before moving day itself to make sure everything goes more smoothly can help quite a bit to remove the stress associated with it. We hope you found this guide on prepping your home for an organized move helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.

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