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Pros and Cons of Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp


When it comes to finding things to do with the kids through the summer it can be difficult to pin down an activity or event that they will all like, but normally a family vacation is the main choice for those with kids. When you can’t afford to take a holiday with the whole family though, what with costs soaring ever higher even if you choose an all inclusive getaway to the likes of the Spanish islands it can be difficult to find the perfect way to spend a summer. Summer camps are always a great option for many kids, but what about the cons of camps as an alternative to a family holiday (or perhaps in addition to). Here is a round up of some of the pros and cons to sending your kids to summer camp.

Pro – It’s Fun

It’s no secret that summer camp can be hugely fun and enjoyable for children of all ages. With many different themed camps as well to choose from including sports camps, music camp, nature based camps where kids can learn about animals and various plants or go exploring with walkie talkies, science camps and more there is guaranteed to be something for every child when it comes to the type of camp they want to attend, often aligned to their interests. For the rest of those summer camps that aren’t themed or geared toward a particular interest, children will do things such as play sports and active games go swimming, partake in crafts and more.

Con – The Price

Unfortunately summer camps often come with a pretty price tag associated with them. After all, they are looking after your child amongst dozens if not hundreds of others for a week or more, so the price will usually be at least a couple of hundred dollars for a week plus. For lesser costs, consider day camps which don’t include overnight accommodation and instead take the children from the hours of around 8 or 9 am through to 4 or 5 pm, being a great stand in for babysitting.

Pro – It Can Become An Annual Tradition With The Same Kids

When your kids head off on that exciting trip away from home they will inevitably make friendships that could potentially last a lifetime. Often you hear of kids who went back to the same summer camp time and again with the same kids, often solidifying friendships for life. This can be a great way to expand your child’s social circle and help him or her have friends outside of school or organised after school activities which can expose them to many more different people, ultimately enriching their lives.

Con – Some Children May Find It Stressful

Not all children will like being away from home and may find a summer camp where they stay over at the campsite to be stressful and difficult. Children who suffer with social anxieties may do better at a day camp where it’s only for a few hours per day. Overall check with your child about the type of camp you’re planning to send them to and their concerns, if any. If your child is unlikely to enjoy it there is not much point in sending them and spending your hard earned money on it.

So there you have some pros and cons of sending your kids to summer camp. With summer almost upon us, now is the time to start thinking of whether or not to go down this route this year.