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Pros and Cons of Staying in a Private Rental


Whether you’re in town for business or you’re going to be gallivanting around a new city for a few weeks, you may be wondering which is best when it comes to accommodation options. With so many choices these days and hotels constantly rising in price, it can be tempting to choose to rent a house or flat privately to get what can sometimes be the best value for money, but what are the downsides – as well as other upsides? Here are some pros and cons of staying in a private rental.

Pro – Value For Money

It’s no real surprise that if you choose to rent a private apartment or house for the duration of your stay in a city or town that it is going to be a much better return when it comes to value for money compared with staying in a hotel for the length of your stay – especially if you’re planning to stay for say, six weeks. Many hotels start at around $30 a day, and multiplied over 30 days that comes out to over a thousand dollars just on accommodation. Renting a private home either through the landlord themselves or through websites such as Air Bnb can cut that cost down dramatically – sometimes by as much as 75% or even more and you still receive many of the benefits you get with a hotel stay such a regular cleaning service.

Con – Liable For Bills

Depending on the situation, the country, your landlord and a couple other factors you may or may not be liable for bills during your stay. Many private rentals on the likes of Air Bnb cover the costs for things like electric, internet and more, but if you’re renting a property on a short term let from a private individual then it’s likely you will be liable for at least your month of bills. Check in advance any agreements in this vein to be sure what you will be paying for before agreeing.

Pro – You Have A Home Away From Home

Private rentals have the added benefit of being a home away from home with your own kitchen, bathroom, bed and more. When you rent one, you’re literally renting a home for your time in town, which can make your trip a whole lot more comfortable. If you’re on business, it can be a hugely beneficial choice versus a hotel in the sense that you can come home and take a load off, and not have to worry about noises through the halls late at night when you have that big meeting the next day.

Con – You May Need To Sign A Lease

Depending on the landlord, property and the like you may need to sign a lease when you choose to rent a private rental – even through Air Bnb. If you’re staying for more than just a week or two holiday it’s entirely possible they will want you to sign a lease of sorts, but this is just a formality and it’s to protect both you and the landlord. In fact, it can be hugely beneficial to have one in place if you will be there awhile, just make sure to read it thoroughly to ensure you know what the landlord is liable for and what comes down to you.

So if you’re looking for a great way to stay in a town or city for cheaper without having to stay in a stuffy hotel, consider renting out a private hotel or apartment in a local neighbourhood. You’d be surprised at how great an experience living like a local can be