Reviews: How to Book a Hotel Cheaply and Easily - Somewhere To Reviews: How to Book a Hotel Cheaply and Easily reviews are almost universally positive, but can you really get the best rates through this site? The following blog discusses strategies for finding the best deals on hotels – from boutique getaways to big luxury resorts.

I travel a lot for my job. I’m not complaining, but I need to keep my booking strategies easy, fast, and relatively cheap. I’m not too proud to stay in a roadside motel, but if I can get a room at a major luxury hotel for roughly the same price, I’m definitely taking it.

Since I’m not a huge fan of homestays – the prospect of staying in a random person’s residence can be downright scary – I opt to stay almost exclusively in hotels. In addition to being a classic vacation resource, they also provide you with fantastic amenities like room service, housekeeping, and the occasional casino. However, all this convenience still leaves me with nearly countless choices for how I can book my room. Which hotel booking sites offer the best rates? The easiest and most intuitive interface? The ability to schedule supplementary services (group accommodations, car rentals, etc.)? I’m happy to report that there is such an online service –

  • com offers a series of booking benefits for both occasional and inveterate travelers:
  • Significantly cheaper rates than what can be found on most sites
  • Thousands of options, including global hotel chains, boutique B&Bs, and vacation rentals
  • Concierge service that’s accessible by phone 24 hours per day

Can you book hotels through

Yes – users can book hotel reservations using Here’s how.

The site is easy to navigate even for those who aren’t accustomed to using online resources to book accommodations. You select your hotel preference (economy, boutique, luxury), enter the location of your trip and the length of your stay, and choose from the list of results. Additionally, provides resources that allow you to plan for large group trips and helps you find car rental providers. is particularly useful for people booking accommodations for large groups. If you’re planning a destination wedding, for example, and would like to find a hotel for all of your guests, helps you find the best location for all of your specifications and manages the bids from all of the hotels that meet your needs. The site provides you with a drop-down list of all of the potential group trip themes that best fit your criteria. Regardless of whether you’re planning a school trip, a business convention, or a family reunion, does pretty much all of the hotel vetting for you.

However, you certainly don’t have to be planning a trip for 50+ people to use – no matter how many or how few people are included in your travel party, can help you find the perfect accommodations anywhere in the world.

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