Sarah’s Incredible Story

Sarah Holt
Age: 25
Location: London, England
Wants to be: Artist

How did you get involved and use the space?

Through the John Lewis Showcase Competition – I was one of 10 winners selected by John Lewis and a somewhereto_ representative. One of my paintings was displayed in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis for 10 days last summer. I managed to sell my painting to someone who saw it displayed and she has gone on to commission me for 3 more pieces.

As well as this, somewhereto_ provided me with one of the pods in the Spitalfields Art Market from the 14th – 17th November last year and I was able to display a large selection of my portfolio and introduce my work to a London audience, I had some great feedback and made some really good connections.

I was also selected as one of the winners for the Arthack competition and had my paintings displayed in two branches of the coffee shop in Twickenham. One of the paintings then sold to a customer of Harris & Hoole.


What has it meant to you?

It has meant so much to me and enabled me to access spaces that I would have never been able to on my own. I have been able to introduce my work to an audience that is outside my current area and who really appreciate the arts.


What advice would you give someone looking to do something similar?

Try and do as many things as you can, keep making and exhibit and get feedback from the public.


What were you doing before?

Before I found somewhereto_ I was only able to locate a few local bars and pubs that would show my work. I think the key about making your work successful is trying to get it into the public domain and there you are more likely to tap into an audience that appreciates your work.