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Sibanthracite Group Becomes Key Partner with OTEKO for Coal Transhipment at Port of Taman 

One of the largest investment ports in southern Russia, Port of Taman, has a new strategic partner, Sibanthracite Group. Founded in 2018, it is one of the fastest-growing producers of metallurgical coal, including premium anthracite. Dmitry Bosov, Founder of Sibanthracite Group, described his interest in further developing the Port of Taman. “For us, this cooperation opens new logistics routes and new export opportunities.”

The Taman Bulk Cargo Terminal is the most significant project of the OTEKO’s Port-Industrial Park, sitting on the coast of Russia’s Azov-Black Sea Basin. Annual cargo capacity estimations expect the terminal to ship more than 60 million tons, over 83 percent of the cargo is expected to be coal. As the world leader in coal production, Sibanthracite Group was an obvious choice as a strategic partner.

The two companies together have unmatched resources when it comes to processing, holding, and shipping coal. The Taman Bulk Cargo Terminal will be the world’s largest repository for Sulphur and mineral fertilizers, and facilities with the capability of holding more than 3.5 million tons of coal. With the increased ability for processing and storage, it is anticipated that Sibanthracite Group will reach its 2022 goal of producing 58 million tons of coal and anthracite, double last year’s production.

Sibanthracite Group has united the most significant coal companies in the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, including Siberian Anthracite JSC, LLC Open-Pit Mine Vostochny LLC, and Open-Pit Mine Kiyzassky LLC. With these three key mining operations, Sibanthracite continues to expand its resource base responsibly, developing revolutionary environmental protection programs, a concern OTEKO also shares. The cargo terminal is outfitted with modern safety measures and equipment specifically targeted to minimize ecological impact.

In October 2019, ships have already left the Port of Taman with more than 120,000 tons of coal mined by Sibanthracite Group.